Nicole J

How did it start

Nicole J is a visual artist who spent much of her life in motion, whether it was relocating cities, or states, even countries. She began her artistic journey when she enrolled in her first art class as an elective in grade school. Growing up her influences include, Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, and Georgia O’Keefe.

She considers much of her style and technique to be expressive abstraction. Through the years she has experimented with a number of mediums from Prisma color and charcoal, to oil pastel and watercolor. Though she originally started out sketching and mostly working with pencil, she has since become fonder of the paint and brush.

"Watches, Bottles, and Ties"

"I’ve come a long way from Watches, Bottles, and Ties." "Watches, Bottles, and Ties" was one of Nicole J's first works. Not only was it one of many more works by her to come, but it was the seed that allowed her talent to bloom as a protégé, and flourish throughout her later years. It can be viewed on the Home page, in the "My Story" section.

This piece illustrates the love and dedication Nicole J has for her craft, as she has come a mighty long way since its creation. Just as she challenged herself to improve her pieces and make art that spoke to her afterwards, those same ambitions can be seen in her work today, all thanks to the inspiration of "Watches, Bottles, and Ties" and its humble beginnings.

The message
Art is an experience. I paint works in a variety of mediums that aim to illuminate, inspire, & motivate by creating an escape for the human soul.
Nicole J
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